After Spending a Year With Your Kids This is What They Need From You

Mariela Garcia
4 min readAug 28, 2023

Don’t take this lightly.

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I taught 5th grade last year. My class and I were very close. They had my back and I had theirs. Families came to know how much I cared so they would confide what they were going through if they felt their child needed support.

Oftentimes, I get upset with how many activities schools have during the day. As a working parent myself it is difficult to leave work to attend all of the functions. Sadly, the school is not going to stop hosting these events during the day so I need to change on my end.

Here is what I want all parents to do in order to avoid breaking your child’s heart.

Show up

If the school is inviting you to attend an assembly or event where your child will be acknowledged do whatever it takes to be there. Do both parents have to show up? Not at all. Grandma and aunts and uncles are not you. Although I love to see grandparents at events, I want to see them there with you.

Most jobs by law have to allow you to attend your child’s school events. They may need you to provide proof which schools provide digitally or with paper flyers.

This year our school had Lunch with a Loved One. Loved ones were invited onto our school campus during lunch…



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