Buy Yourself Time

Mariela Garcia
2 min readAug 27, 2023

What is one thing you wish you had more time for?

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Although cleaning my home gets me up and moving, I know that I don’t do as good a job as a professional. Plus, scrubbing toilets and showers is something I would easily give up in order to have more time for things I truly enjoy.

Plus, I take 3x as long as they do. What professionals can do in 3 hours takes me 3 days. Leaving me rushing through the things that truly bring me joy like cooking healthy meals for my family, reading, playing with my girls, and writing.

It has been an internal battle justifying this expense for my family. Not because anyone in my household is opposed to it. It is me. I hear my parents and aunts' voices judging me.

Growing up in a Latino household you are taught that you need to do everything for yourself. Asking for help makes you seem weak. If everyone else can do it why can’t you? I often want to hide that I have help. I feel shame.

As a Latino, you are expected to clean your own home, wash your own cars, do your own cooking, care for your children 100% of the time, and maintain your own lawn. My dad even taught me how to change my own oil. All of this no matter how much you worked.

Every Saturday morning we would wake up and spend the morning cleaning our house. The ladies would do the inside and the men…



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