Count Your Calories

Mariela Garcia
4 min readSep 11, 2023

I wouldn’t be as big as I am now had I not been more serious about that.

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Lucky for me weight has never been a major issue until now, age 45. I had a flat stomach until I got pregnant with my first child, age 28. When I had my first child I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight before we left the hospital.

It took 7 years to get pregnant with my second child. I had started trying when my firstborn was two. When I finally got pregnant I naturally thought this was my miracle baby and therefore my last so I let go of myself. I only craved processed food. Cooking grossed me out so I ate out daily. My portions were huge.

I left the hospital weighing more than what I did at 9 months pregnant with my firstborn. Luckily breastfeeding helped me lose a lot of weight, but I wasn’t done when I found out I was pregnant with my third child 6 months later. I was close to 40 years old by now.

I don’t blame pregnancy for my weight gain. I do blame pregnancy for my mid-section bulge, but I embrace that since I love being a mom and it is a small price to pay for the miracle of motherhood.

What I blame for my weight gain is disregarding the calories that I have been consuming as I have gotten older.

Today, at age 45, I can’t seem to stop gaining weight. My eating hasn’t changed much and I still work out…



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