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Mariela Garcia
4 min readMay 3, 2022

Are you in control of your life?

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For some reason when someone dies, we think about our death. We wonder if we will be proud of the life we have lived. Have we been brave? Are we living for ourselves or someone else? Will we have any regrets?

The truth is that you already know what you will regret. It’s why you were drawn to this article. Right?

We all have experienced losses in our lives. Experiencing one death at a time is different from experiencing death daily for a longer period. Like we did when we were on lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. During this time at home my body was communicating that I had more to do with my life and that if I didn’t take action soon, I would never do them.

Here are the things that kept popping up for me.

  1. Starting a blog
  2. Starting my own business
  3. Quitting my 9–5
  4. Turning my home into my sanctuary

I was thinking about these things almost daily. It felt like torture.

The more I learned about FLEX (a life on my terms) the more I knew that it was for me.

By choosing to live my authentic life, I designed my flex life.

Starting a Blog

I have always loved reading and writing. My confidence in writing was never great and I didn’t get A’s on all of my papers, but writing brought me a lot of joy. I had journals throughout my childhood, and I still journal now.

Writing for the world to see was something very daunting. It was scary. I felt like I was getting naked in front of strangers. Once I took the plunge, I was surprised at how fast I got comfortable putting my writing out for the world to see. The first two times were scary, and then I no longer thought about it. I just pressed publish.

Writing on my blog has been liberating. Sharing knowledge with the world whether personal or research-based is exactly why I wanted to write. I can see myself writing for a very long time.

Starting My Own Business

I went to a business-focused high school. They did a great job of planting a seed for me. Ever since I have dreamed of starting my own business. I…

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