It’s Been Never Since I Have Been Home with my Kids During Summer

Mariela Garcia
3 min readJul 14

Not what I expected.

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What I imagined was that since I would be home my house would be spotless. I thought I would be waking up and spending extra time in bed reading before waking up to work out and drink my coffee in silence. My kids playing on their own for hours. No fighting among siblings.

If you're a realistic person unlike myself you are probably laughing by now.

My kids are ages 8, 9, and 16.

I have always worked 12 months of the year since they were born. Now that I made a career change to teaching I now have summers off. However, I am not 100% off since I am in school working on my credential. I am in a fast-paced program: four-week courses. Each week we are given work that takes hours to complete (20–30).

I didn’t sign up my kids in any summer camps because I was a fool.

One of my worst qualities is thinking that I am better than what I am. Yes, I am a very patient and loving mom, but I am human.

I wish someone would have made sure that I had signed up my kids for at least 3 weeks of the summer. For my sanity.

Like most kids, if we are home, my kids just want to be on their screens.

I do have limits and ask them to do other stuff but then they start fighting. Sometimes they get really creative and do amazing things.

I feel a ton of pressure to entertain them. I have to take them out, schedule play dates, and do things with them at home. Aside from cooking, cleaning, and my homework.

Maybe if I wasn’t in school it wouldn’t feel so overwhelming.

What I have learned is that I need systems in place for summer.

The kids need a different kind of routine. I want them to relax because like me it is also their vacation. It just can’t be limitless.

For one, they need to help more around the house.

Summers at home are new to me. So far it has not been fun or what I expected. I find myself very overwhelmed with being needed 24–7. There are dishes, toys, blankets, and clothes everywhere.

Mariela Garcia

Happy person. I have a Masters in Public Administration and have certifications in finance, and life coaching. Currently pursuing my teaching credential.