Teachers have the Best Schedule

Mariela Garcia
3 min readJun 27, 2023

If you can get past the many hats you will wear then you will love it.

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Why are so many people quitting a profession that offers eleven weeks off a year?

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The school year is brutal. You have to be prepared for 6 hours of daily lessons. After covid, teaching requires creating lesson plans that are interactive as many students get bored with what was considered traditional teaching. They want variety!

They want to get up and move, they want group work, they want fun PE lessons, they want to use computers, and they want to do a lot of partner-sharing activities.

These kids will tell you what they want and expect you to do it. If they don’t like you as a teacher they will talk about you for years to come. Your reputation as a teacher depends on how well you perform for them.

Yes, I said perform. With access to so much information via technology, these kids are well-informed. You need to bring it. They expect you to be teaching them things they don’t know. That will take more effort on your part.

Performing daily for two hundred and eighty-eight days a year is exhausting. Unlike most performers, a…



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